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This License agreement is the Contract between you, (further - the User), legally owning copy of the software "Scanitto Pro" (further - the Software), and the Masters ITC Software (further - the Legal owner). Exclusive property copyrights to the Software and the documentation in a printed and/or electronic kind belong to the Legal owner.

Software installation and using it means your unconditional consent with conditions of this agreement. If you disagree with conditions of this agreement, you should stop Software installation and using.

  1. You have the right to use the Software according to conditions of this License agreement.
  2. The unregistered copy of the Software can be used by the User for limited time (30 days) without any functional restrictions.
  3. After registration the above mentioned time limitation will be removed, besides you have the right to receive without additional payment from the Legal owner or its partners:
    • New minor versions of the Software through the Internet;
    • Technical support (by e-mail or support form);
  4. Action of an activation code is distributed:
    • to the computer where the Software is installed - Single-User license
    • to any number of computers within the grounds of an organization or company of the licensee - Site License
  5. User has the right to make a copy of the Software provided that this copy is not intended for distribution together with the registration key received.
  6. User has the right to freely distribute the unregistered version of the Software in any lawful ways and in any quantity.
  7. User have the right to sell a copy of the Software available at you together with a registration key to the person, that concordant with conditions of this agreement, thus you cease to be the lawful owner of a copy of the Software, and, all rest at you are obliged to destroy copies of the Software, including archival.
  8. It is forbidden to decompiling and/or updating the Software.
  9. It is forbidden to hand over the Software together with your registration key in rent, in hire or in time using.
  10. The legal owner and/or its partners do not suffer the responsibility for any damage from using or impossibility of using of the Software.

The infringer suffers the responsibility for infringement of copyrights to the Software according to the legislation.