New version Scanitto Pro 3.11

We are pleased to offer to download a new version of Scanitto Pro 3.11. There are two new options in this version.

The first new option lets you control the creation of the log file - to enable/disable logging. By default, logging is enabled, disabling it may be required if the program is actively used and the creation of large log file may lead to out of space on a system disk.

The second one offers to choose an extension for scanned TIFF files (.tiff or .tif) By default .tiff extension is used, you can change it in the "TIFF Settings" tab.

Scanitto Pro 3.10 Dutch translation and more

We are glad to announce Scanitto Pro 3.10 update. This update includes Dutch translation that was kindly provided by John Korpershoek, as well as some other changes:

  • Added an option in the settings menu that allows you to skip the creation of thumbnails in image manager and temporary files when scanning. This can be useful if you want to reduce the consumption of computer resources (RAM and disk space) in the case of scanning a large number of originals.
  • Multipage PDF creation is changed to disable background processing, which also allows you to optimize memory usage.
  • Fixed known non-critical errors in the application.

Update is free for the existing Scanitto Pro v 3.x users

Download Scanitto Pro 3.10

Scanitto Pro 3.9 Released

Scanitto Pro 3.9 released. This update fixes some usability problems, translating issues and high memory consumption bug.

List of main changes

  • Added "Do not ask me again" checkbox for an existing file action
  • Fixed "Save to multi-page TIFF" dialog issues
  • Changed some translation strings
  • Save to PDF function optimized for lower memory consumption

Scanner software update 3.8

Scanitto Pro 3.8 scanner software update released. The release includes the following changes:

  • Arabic language (Thanks to MFM Dawdeh)
  • Code optimized for better scanning performance

Update is free for the Existing Scanitto Pro v 3.x users

Download the latest Scanitto Pro

Scanitto Pro 3.7

We are proud to announce the release of Scanitto Pro version 3.7. We have done our best to correct the scanning errors were reported by users of the program.

Read more: Scanitto Pro 3.7

Scanitto Pro 3.6 Released

We are proud to announce the release of Scanitto Pro 3.6.

This release adds a feature to check what scanning capabilities are supported by a selected scanner. And finally this helps to avoid scanner being asked by the software to execute a capability that is not supported. Some scanner drivers suddenly fail scanning job once an unsupported command was received from the application, so checking scanning capability is the necessary function.

Check it with your scanner

Scanitto Pro 3.5 released

We have analyzed the feedback from our users and released Scanitto Pro version 3.5 that includes many of the suggested scanning features. This version has been translated into Slovenian and comes with an updated German localization. Apart from localization changes, the release has the following modifications:

  • Added a new deskew feature, which will be useful for correcting quick scans of text documents – you can now fix image skewing by selecting the necessary images and clicking the single button.deskew
  • Fixed a bug that changed the adjacent image icon when a selected image was rotated
  • Fixed a bug with assigning scanner button events to application

Download Scanitto Pro 3.5

Some minor changes in the new Scanitto Pro 3.4

We are ready to present a new minor version of the Scanitto Pro 3.4.

  • Fixed some translation strings of the Armenian language
  • Improved the definition of Kyocera devices
  • Fixed a bug of the A6 originals' size

Scanning is much better with the Scanitto Pro. Download the newest Scanitto Pro

Scanitto Pro version 3.3 update

Scanitto Pro 3.3 scanner software update released. The release includes the following changes:

  • Fixed version check in the About window
  • Fixed error of checking ADF presence for selected scanner
  • Added ability to delete the original files after merging to multipage TIFF

Download the latest Scanitto Pro

Scanitto Pro 3.2

We are happy to present a new minor version of the Scanitto Pro 3.2. The new version of the scanning software includes bug fixes and new features that are designed to simplify scanning process.

Listed below are some of these changes:

  • Ability to change page orientation
  • Added setting for preview resolution
  • Added message to be displayed when there is no scanner detected
  • Changed localization strings
  • Fixed callback server connection error

Download Scanitto Pro 3.2