Scanitto Pro 3.1 Released

Prepared release Scanitto Pro 3.1 This update includes bug fixes, as well as changes of the interface of the program.

Detailed list of changes:

  • Modified "Save to multipage" menu button
  • Multipage PDF files creation function was moved to ocrlib
  • Changed some translation strings
  • "Do not check ADF status" option storing issue fixed
  • Fixed Invalid floating point operation issue during searchable PDF creation
  • Fixed Error 6. The handle is invalid.

Download the newest Scanitto Pro

Scanitto Pro 3.0 + Social networks

February 27, 2014, we are ready to present a milestone of the scanner software - Scanitto Pro 3.0 release!

We would like to share good news and tell what's new in the third release of the Scanitto Pro:

  • The program's interface has been redesigned with the aim to simplify the operations of OCR, and the creation of multi-page documents
  • A lot of the code was improved to offer extended support for new scanners or multifunction devices
  • Changed the licensing mechanism Note that Major upgrades are not available for free
  • Added a feature to upload images into Google Drive and Dropbox cloud storage services
  • Added function to post images on a Facebook wall or tweet a Twitter

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Minor changes in Scanitto Pro

We have released a minor update for the Scanitto Pro. This release does not affect scanning performance or application stability. The changes touch linking to the website from application and some code refactoring.

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Scanitto Pro update

Scanitto Pro was updated to version just now. The main improvements includes the following changes:

  • An ability to add files to the Scanitto Pro by dragging and dropping.
  • Separate compression setting for multipage PDF documents
  • Threshold setting for the black/white images
  • Fixed recognition for Kyocera ADF scanners. Some Kyocera scanner drivers do not support CAP_FEEDERLOADED capability
  • Changed the function of converting black/white images. The former function in some cases inverted colors.

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Scanitto Pro released

We are glad to announce the release of Scanitto Pro

The version of Scanitto Pro brought you lot of fix from previous version:

  • Added function to override the setting of the area to scan
  • Fixed previewing and scanning using WIA devices without PaperSize specified (Most Canon devices have such WIA drivers)
  • Fixed a bug of ADF availability check (error led to TWC_BUMMER on devices without ADF)

Hope you will enjoy using the updated Scanitto Pro


Scanitto Pro released. This release implements two new functions:

  1. Context menu for the text editor (OCR Window)
  2. Saving recognized text to docx format (Microsoft Office Open XML)

Download new version here

Scanitto Pro update

We are glad to announce Scanitto Pro, a minor update of scanning software. This release includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • Switching between scanned documents using mouse wheel in the preview window
  • Panel with additional information about the image in the preview window
  • Fixed cropping function
  • Bring window to the front at the end of scan
  • Auto image scrolling when the block size meets image bounds in the OCR mode

Read more: Scanitto Pro update

Scanitto Pro

New minor update of the Scanitto Pro is available for download on our site.

This release includes Latvian UI translation and the ability to save and restore JPEG and TIFF compression within presets.

Download updated scanner software.

Scanitto Pro is updated to

We are pleased to announce the release of Scanitto Pro version containing new interface languages, several bug fixes and changes.

  • Hungarian interface language (Thanks to Zoltán Magyar)
  • Armenian interface language (Thanks to Hrant Ohanyan)
  • Added new function to crop all images with the same size (in accordance with idea)
    crop all
  • Fixed several bugs of scan to PDF function and saving JPEG and TIFF images

Download updated Scanitto Pro

Scanitto Pro released

Masters ITC Software development team present Scanitto Pro

New minor update of the Scanitto Pro has a number of bug fixes and improvements including:

  • Portuguese language (Thanks to Mateus Batalha)
  • Rotate the image in the image preview window
  • Switching between the files in the image preview window
  • Added ability to create presets
  • Fixed bug of overwriting an existing multi-page PDF file. Prompting user to overwrite

Please download version here.