Scanitto Pro released

This is a regular maintenance update, which is free for all Scanitto Pro users.

Scanitto Pro has a number of bug fixes and improvements including:

  • Language selection for multi-page searchable PDF
  • Multi-page PDF from all/selected documents
  • PDF file name validation procedure bug fix
  • Automatic recognition of the document boundaries
  • Support for large format scanners (A2, A1, A0)
  • Deskew and despeckle algorithms modification (performance issue)

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Scanitto Pro released

Scanitto Pro has been released

New features and improvements:

  • Added ability to add files from the disk to OCR/save to PDF
  • Searchable PDF (beta)
  • Fixed incorrect creation of multi-page PDF-file containing the same page
  • Fixed an error of the multi-page PDF document names processing
  • Forced closing the source after receiving scanner's parameters
  • FreeImage library is no longer used

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Scanitto Pro released

Last update of Scanitto Pro includes following features and changes

  • French language
  • PDF file name validation bug fixed
  • Saving of values for brightness, contrast and last used printer
  • Changed shortcuts for zoom in, zoom out and scan functions
  • OCR Improvements

New version of the Scanitto Pro

New version of the Scanitto Pro released

What was added and changed:

  • User's Guide
  • Save dialog multipage PDF with the ability to delete the originals (acc. suggestion
  • Added button to show log of scanning
  • Added setting to display the scanner interface and its indicators
  • Fixed a bug in text recognition with images
  • Fixed the error occurred in the preparation of low-resolution images
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of the Cancel button in the dialog under the file name matches
  • Fixed an error of the resizing and saving 1 bit/pixel JPEG-2000 images
  • Fixed access violation error of the most recent target directory list building
  • Installation of the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2008 redistributable

Scanitto Pro Benefits With Windows 7

Press release

Scanitto Pro a reliable TWAIN scanning software with smart OCR, has successfully passed Microsoft-designed tests of compatibility, reliability and performance with the Windows 7 operating system.


June 07, 2011 - Masters ITC Software today announced that Scanitto Pro now carries the Compatible with Windows 7 logo. Masters ITC Software has created Scanitto Pro product, which integrates with Windows 7 to provide reliable TWAIN scanning, document copying and smart text recognizing.

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Scanitto Pro released

Scanitto Pro has been released

New and improved features:

  • Added Native Explorer's Context menu for scanned images,
  • Added WIA event handler for hardware buttons,
  • Added drop down list with most recent destination folders,
  • Added possibility to ignore original's size,
  • Code signed with Authenticode,
  • Fixed Memory leak in OCR function,
  • Fixed Hotkeys incorrect behavior in file rename mode,
  • Changed links to the new site,
  • Changed license information storage area

Download Scanitto Pro

Scanitto Pro is now available

Scanitto Pro released today! New version changes and fixes:

  • Improved OCR quality
  • Added new OCR languages (Russian, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Italian)
  • Fixed bug in crop selection
  • Improved function of preparation images for recognition (stability and performance)
  • Brightness/contrast settings

Download new version of scanner software Scanitto Pro