Slide scanning

Download the updated version of Scanitto Pro 3.19.

This update will be primarily enjoyed by owners of a scanner with slide adapter, now you can scan film negatives by choosing a transparent type of the original.

In addition, the translation of the UI updated and fixed missing strings, code is cleaned up.

Update 3.18. Improvements and bug fixes

We have worked hard and have released the Scanitto Pro 3.18 update. Fixed a lot of minor problems and made some improvements.

Among the main changes:

  •  Improved quality of a scanned image in the preview window
  •  Updated procedure for publishing images on Facebook. API Version 2.10
  •  New digital signature and algorithm for its verification

Download Scanitto Pro and scan without hassle!

Scanitto Pro 3.17 Turkish language

Scanitto Pro 3.17 is released.

This version contains user interface translated into Turkish (Thanks to Mustafa Nazmi). In addition, we have fixed some minor problems with other translations.

Download Scanitto Pro 3.17

Update Scanitto Pro 3.16

We thoroughly worked and updated Scanitto Pro. The new version 3.16 contains Farsi translation and other improvements in scanning images and working with scanned documents.

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Scanitto Pro 3.15 Czech translation

We are glad to announce Scanitto Pro 3.15 update. This update includes Czech translation that was kindly provided by Martin Fian, as well as some other changes: refactored scanning functions for better reliability and performance, Slovenian translation strings were updated and supplemented by Jadran Rudec.

Download brand new Scanitto Pro

Happy Birthday Scanitto Pro

Eight years ago on January 10, 2009, we delivered the first release of our scanning program Scanitto Pro. In the intervening years, the program has evolved dynamically in response to new scanning requirements:
Scanitto Pro has learned how to recognize texts and to create multi-page PDFs; the program interface has been improved multiple times; it has become more user-friendly and convenient; thanks to its users, new interface languages have been added to the program; we have improved its compatibility with Canon, Fujitsu and Kyocera scanners, plus many, many other improvements.

We have a huge number of ideas in store for how to make Scanitto Pro even better, and we're working on them ceaselessly!

Happy Birthday Scanitto Pro!

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Scanitto Pro 3.14 released

Scanitto Pro 3.14 is Released. This version of the software for scanning includes the following improvements:

  • Added the ability to scan documents on both sides manually. If you have a scanner with document feeder but it does not support duplex scanning, Scanitto Pro will scan documents in two passes and automatically organize even and odd pages.
  • Scanner driver verification changed. Scanitto Pro will check integrity of the twain_32.dll file and scanner driver files.
  • Improved functions for saving/restoring application settings

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Scanitto Pro 3.13 Scanner Software update

We are glad to announce update of the Scanitto Pro scanner software 3.13. This release is intended to make scanning process is better than ever.

Main changes are:

  • View menu allowing to show/hide the preview pane and image manager
  • Updated digital signature certificate
  • Changed the way VC Redist is installed
  • Fixed activation issue
  • Fixed log writing issue

Download Scanitto Pro 3.13

Scanitto Pro 3.12 update

Scanitto Pro 3.12 is ready to download. In this release, we have tried to correct the shortcomings of previous versions and add new features, useful for daily documents scanning.

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